'Investing in Opportunity' Conference

The 4C (Collaboration to Clarify the Costs of Curation) Project and the DPC (Digital Preservation Coalition) invite you to join them for a two day conference exploring the long term value and sustainability of digital objects.

The 4C Project is an EC-funded initiative that is helping organisations across Europe to invest more effectively in digital curation and preservation. Research in digital preservation and curation has tended to emphasize the cost and complexity of the task in hand. 4C reminds us that the point of this investment is to realise a benefit, so our research must encompass related concepts such as ‘risk’, ‘value’, ‘quality’ and ‘sustainability’. In this major international conference the project will present its major findings and invite a distinguished panel of experts to review and consider the implications of their work. 

Working jointly with the membership of the DPC, the conference will compare the strategic economic aspirations of funders and policy makers against the practical experience of digital preservation, including perspectives from practitioners, vendors and users of digit preservation services.  It will identify emerging best practice and will provide a forum for needs and practical requirements to be articulated. 

Participants will be invited to review key 4C Project deliverables, considering the implications of these resources and providing the opportunity to shape these to suit community needs before they are submitted to the European Commission.  In particular participants will have a final chance to influence the soon to be published Digital Curation Roadmap.


Conference slides and recordings, Day 1:

Keynote Session

'Towards a Sustainable EcoSystem for Data Driven Research,' Francine Berman, Research Data Alliance (3.75 MB), watch the webcast

Session 1: ‘Investing in Curation: A Shared Path to Sustainability’ – The 4C Roadmap

Watch the webcast

Presentation of Roadmap: Neil Grindley, Jisc and Ingrid Dillo, Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS) (695.28 kB)

Invited Response 1: Juan Biccaregui, Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) (no slides)

Invited Response 2: John Tilbury, Preservica (no slides)

Invited Response 3: Jamie Shiers, CERN (3.85 MB)

Session 2: Planning Sustainability

Costs Concept Model: Ulla Bøgvad Kejser, The Royal Library Denmark (1.19 MB)

Economic Sustainability Reference Model: Neil Grindley, Jisc. (1.88 MB)

Minute madness

Introduction to the Digital Preservation Awards Finalists (5.68 MB)

Session 3: What sustainability means in practice

Repository perspective: Catherine Hardman, Archaeology Data Service. (2.26 MB)

Service provider perspective: Sandra Collins, Digital Repository of Ireland (2.27 MB)

Funder perspective: Ron Dekker, NWO - Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (45.77 kB)

Conference slides, Day 2:

Keynote session

David Rosenthal: Costs - Why Do We Care? (link to blog), watch the webcast 

Session 4: Curation Costs Exchange

Watch the webcast

Introduction to the tool: Alex Thirifays, Danish National Archives & Luis Faria, KEEP Solutions

Invited response from prospective users: Simon Hodson, CODATA (1.29 MB)

Invited response from service providers: Kate Wittenberg, Portico (no slides)

Session 5: Here comes the future

Technology tipping points: Mike Quinn, Preservica (1.67 MB)

Delivering skills for the future: Sarah Higgins, University of Aberystwyth (730.16 kB)

Organisations: Marius Snyders, PRESTO Centre

Session 6: Policy & Planning challenges

Doing nothing, the Cost of Inaction: Chris Lacinak, AVPreserve (4.94 MB)

The fall’s gonna kill you - sensitivity matters: Tim Gollins, The National Archives/University of Glasgow (455.22 kB)

Deleting to Preserve: Appraisal in the digital age - Simon Wilson, University of Hull (949.17 kB)

Is there a gold standard and does that matter?: Barbara Sierman, The Royal Library of the Netherlands (752.86 kB)

Final Plenary

Review of proceedings: Matthew Woollard, University of Essex (no slides)


Workshop session slides

Monday 17th November

Workshop 1: Digital Preservation Cost Myths, Preservica (5.6 MB)

Workshop 2: Sustainable Digital Preservation & APARSEN: Value Propositions, Business Cases and Policy

Tuesday 18th November

Workshop 3: Preserving more than data -Tools demo, TIMBUS Project

Workshop 4: Shared preservation for archives, University of Hull (1.65 MB)

Workshop 5: Working together and growing together, nestor (1.68 MB)

Workshop 6: Developing National Digital Preservation Infrastructure, NCDD (2.65 MB)

Workshop 7: Preservation Planning, Parliamentary Archives & Friends (3.11 MB)


Missed it?

The keynote addresses from the 4C/DPC 'Investing in Opportunity' Conference will be broadcast online via the DPC website, so that those unable to attend need not miss out. Viewers from outside and participants inside the conference can also keep abreast with events, by using and following the live online note taking facility. All slides will be published online after the conference.

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