iPRES 2014 Workshop and Presentations

Defining a Roadmap for Economically Efficient Digital Curation

October 6th 2014 at iPRES 2014, Melbourne


The 4C Project is tasked with delivering a Roadmap report and it is this drive towards ‘economic efficiency’ in relation to digital curation that will be central to the agenda that it sets out. The consultation, stakeholder engagement, analysis and modelling work that have been done allow some principles to be proposed and some assertions to be made that will form the backbone of the report.

Early ideas and discussions about the structure and content of the Roadmap have indicated that it will need to address various questions.

  • What vision should we advocate and what principles should we espouse to bring about economically efficient digital curation?
  • What current economic inefficiencies do we need to eliminate?
  • What or who is the most influential mechanism to bring that about and where will that influence most be felt?
  • What is the policy, business and regulatory framework for digital curation and how is it likely to change?
  • Over what timescales should we advocate action?
  • How can we most economically sustain and exploit existing work? (including the 4C Project outputs)
  • How are the economic requirements of stakeholders changing?
  • Is it possible and economically desirable to try and align digital curation practice (including standards and terminology)?
  • How can we most effectively invest in digital curation at the institutional, national and international level? This workshop is an important opportunity to connect with stakeholders and get input for a critical deliverable of the project. But it is also an opportunity for participants to learn more about the economics of digital curation and to critically assess the efficiency and sustainability of their own services and solutions.

The purpose of a Roadmap – particularly where it seeks to set out an action agenda for a range of stakeholders across various communities – is to make politically astute observations and to arrive at plausible conclusions. This is only possible via early interaction with stakeholders and by achieving some level of community validation before publication and this is the purpose of the workshop. One of the guiding principles of the 4C Project is to create a better understanding of the economics of digital curation through collaboration; and also to be an ‘open and social’ project and to listen to the needs of the community. iPRES 2014 occurs at roughly the three quarter point of the two year project and provides a timely opportunity to check and refine the draft Roadmap. 

Workshop agenda

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Workshop questions

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