Focus Group #4 - Archiving 2014

Berlin, Germany: 13th - 16th May 2014

The 4C Focus Group at Archiving 2014 introduced participants to a number of 4C outcomes, and in particular to Cost Concept Model and the beta version of the ‘Curation Costs Exchange’ (CCEx) - an online, virtual community platform for the exchange of curation cost information and opinions and input will be solicited. The Curation Costs Exchange is a key deliverable of the project and is potentially an important collaborative community resource for unlocking cost-effective ways of specifying and pricing viable digital curation and preservation systems in the future.

The focus group allowed attendees to feed in their own requirements into the 4C discussions and resource development whilst familiarising those present with concepts related to identifying and quantifying the cost of digital curation, helping them to understand how economic drivers influence digital curation strategies. The session introduced attendees to an emerging community tool for curation cost information and demonstrated how it could support strategic planning and tactical decision making, thus optimising budgets.

Download the presentations and the exercises from the focus groups below.


Read the focus group report (303.52 kB)