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4C will provide a roadmap to arrive at coherent and evidence-based recommendations for future action and strategy in relation to the economic aspects of digital curation. The focus will be on measures that will assist diverse types of organisations to better understand and take control of the cost of managing digital assets over varied timescales, including the provision of cost-effective solutions and services to others. This roadmap report will synthesise and exploit the valuable intelligence that emerges from the other work packages and will also ensure that the content and conclusions are complementary and non-duplicative of work being taken forward by others.

The output will be a report and an indicator of its success will be the level of input and validation it receives from the broad community as it is being drafted and finalised. An internal progress indicator for the roadmap will be the amount of early effort that starts to logically accrue to building an evidence-base to underpin the final report. A substantial amount of effort is dedicated to the Roadmap and early buy-in for its content, aims and objectives is crucial.