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4C will ensure that comprehensive consideration is given to all indirect factors that might still be economic determinants of digital curation, initially by collating and prioritising assessment of those determinants and expanding on partners’ recent experience in audit and certification with a focus on trust and quality. These will inform initial work on an Economic Sustainability Reference Model which will be iteratively updated in response to further Assessment and Engagement work and to a subsequent evaluation of risk, benefit, impact and value as determinants.

This assessment will inform tasks which support the move from evaluation to guidance on implementation with the development of an Economic Sustainability Reference Model and potential business models. As well as positive responses during engagement activities these deliverables may be judged successful if their structure and content provide an effective framework to ensure Roadmap activities (WP5) take account of the subtleties of the identified indirect factors.

Indicators of success will be community agreement (through outreach and specific Engagement WP activities) that the standalone deliverables are fit for purpose (re-use and ongoing development) and their enhancement impact on other project deliverables are positively received.