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The 4C consultation

The consultation is closed for now, but watch this space for future opportunities to participate.

The 4C project issued an open consultation to find people interested in clarifying the costs of curation for their organisation. It consists of an online questionnaire that will start a communication channel for further engagement. 

Who are we?

4C is a European research project that will help organisations across Europe to invest more effectively in digital curation and preservation. We are a consortium led by Jisc and composed of 12 other institutions including national libraries, archives, universities and small & medium enterprises (SMEs). 

With this consultation we intend to identify and categorize organisations and people that want to participate in this project and be a part of the 4C stakeholder network.

Why participate?

We will establish and maintain an on-going dialogue with a wide-range of users, producers, funders and practitioners; in other words we will engage directly with the very people who will benefit from the resources our project will produce. Our goal is to make the results of collecting and identifying relevant initiatives and projects working in the field of long-term preservation cost models accessible to interested groups.

Who should participate?

This consultation is especially aimed at: research funding institutions, cost model experts, big data science institutions, digital preservation vendors, government agencies, publishers, content producers & holders, data intensive companies, memory institutions or in fact any person or institution that has an interest in identifying and clarifying the(ir) costs of curation.

So, if you are interested in knowing more about digital curation costs this consultation is for you!

How long does it take?

There are only 13 basic questions that will take you on average 5 minutes. The optional set of up to 33 additional questions (to identify more precisely your needs) will take you on average 25 minutes, but only if you choose to answer them.