4C is designed as an open and social project and the key to its success will be to engage  with a wide range of stakeholders.  We will want to speak with staff from memory institutions, data intensive research groups, and all kinds of industry and commerce. We will identify, get involved and build partnerships with individuals, groups and institutions that are active or interested in the issue of curation costs, and foster a better understanding of the issue amongst the community.

4C will provide channels and virtual and physical forums for interaction between the project team and our stakeholders. The impact and success of these interactions will be monitored through the number of those indicating their willingness to participate and from evaluation and feedback from those participants. We will systematically survey and assess all relevant work in the area of digital curation costs. As the project progresses, we will package and disseminate the outputs of the project.

Overall indicators of success for 4C engagement activities will include: the type and frequency of invitations the project receives to participate in external events; the number of people and organisations who step forward to become active stakeholders and affiliate partners; the level of demand that becomes apparent for 4C project outputs; and the nature of advocacy that already engaged participants are prepared to do on behalf of the 4C project to further connect the project beyond its established stakeholder community.

As part of our engagement activities 4C will be running a workshop at the 2013 iPRES International Conference for the Preservation of Digital Objects in Lisbon, Portgual and we would like to invite attendees.


D2.5 - Project Communications Plan