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Sustaining the Benefits of the 4C Project

The 4C project submitted its latest Deliverable, a draft “D1.1— Draft Sustainability & Benefits Realisation Plan" to the European Commission last week. This deliverable sets out a plan for ensuring that the 4C initiative has the best possible chance of making a long-term difference to the digital preservation community.

Author and Project Manager Paul Stokes explains that ‘the most pressing sustainability issues are to keep the project’s assets and resources live and up to date, so that the digital curation community can continue to derive benefits from our work.’

‘The project hopes to create a self-sustaining coalition that will further the original values of the 4C project, raising awareness of the key concepts associated with the economics of digital curation and managing ongoing resources which facilitate the exchange of data about the economics of digital curation.’

Critical outputs to be produced within the final year of the project include the Curation Costs Exchange (CCEX), a Cost Concept Model, and the Economic Sustainability Reference Model (ESRM). The project will use the final ‘Sustainability & Benefits Realisation Plan,’ due for delivery by the end of the project, to articulate mechanisms which will enable continued access to these fundamental resources.

Having already created a sizeable registry of open information related to digital curation costs through its ‘Community Resources’ section of the project website, the 4C Project’s vision is to create a better understanding of this area through collaboration, supporting the process of effective investment in digital curation.

The consortium undertaking this project is made up of 13 European organisations with extensive domain expertise and experience with curation cost modelling issues. The project team includes national libraries and archives, specialist preservation and curation membership organisations, service providers, research departments and SMEs and is coordinated by Jisc.

The draft report may be found at in the 4C Project website’s ‘Community Resources’ Section and is available for comment:

To get involved with the 4C Project contact the DPC: