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4C Project submits Deliverable 2.6 to the European Commission

The 4C project submits its latest Deliverable 2.6 - Report on Communications Activities to the European Commission today. The Report is a review of communications activities over the first 12 month period with a tactical look forward across months 12 – 24.

As a co-ordinated support action the project relies on effective engagement with stakeholders for the development of useful useable resources which will help clarify the cost of digital curation,’ explains Sarah Norris, author of the report and Communications Officer for the 4C Project and DPC. 

‘We are currently tracking over 300 contacts with whom 4C has engaged, so the report is showing a good level of interest and engagement in the project and its deliverables. There is always room for more people to get involved though!’

Web statistics show that followers of the project are particularly interested in the new resources coming out of the project, which may be used to support their own digital curation projects. This was especially evidenced by the response to the upload of D3.1—Evaluation of Cost Models and Needs & Gaps Analysis (MS12 Draft) on the 4C Project website, which demonstrates an enormous appetite for information in this area. The project team will use these responses, as well as focused consultations to help drive the project and shape its outputs.

The 4C Project’s vision is to create a better understanding of digital curation costs through collaboration through the provision of useful, useable resources which support the process of cost management in digital curation.

The consortium undertaking this project is made up of 13 European organisations with extensive domain expertise and experience with curation cost modelling issues. The project team includes national libraries and archives, specialist preservation and curation membership organisations, service providers, research departments and SMEs and is coordinated by Jisc.

The full report may be read on the 4C Project Website’s Community Resources Section:

To get involved with the 4C Project contact the DPC: