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Investing in Curation: A Shared Path to Sustainability

The 4C project submitted its draft Roadmap ‘Investing in Curation: A Shared Path to Sustainability’ to the European Commission this week.

“Given that cost and economic factors are relevant to all digital curation planning and implementation activities, and underpin all considerations of the sustainability of digital assets, the 4C project has elevated what might otherwise be ‘consigned to the archives,’ into a sustained and discursive roadmapping exercise,” explains 4C Project Manager, Paul Stokes of Jisc, UK.

Presented as a set of six messages, and available now for public review and comment, the Roadmap considers the actions necessary to achieve a change in the way that all organisations think about and sustainably manage their digital assets.

“This change may well be achieved with greater transparency around the supply and demand of curation services,” says Ingrid Dillo of the Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS) in the Netherlands. “This would certainly foster a healthier and more effective marketplace for services and solutions and provide a more robust foundation for tackling future grand challenges.”

Resources for tackling this challenge may be found in some of the critical outputs from the 4C Project, signposted by the Roadmap and designed to support a broad range of stakeholders.

"Anyone involved in digital curation - practitioners, researchers, users and re-users, managers and financial controllers, member organisations, policy makers and solutions providers, should find value in the Roadmap,” adds Paul. “And we are still seeking further input make sure the final Roadmap document reaches as much of the digital curation community as possible.”

The project team is inviting comments and feedback on the draft Roadmap in the run up to the jointly hosted 4C and DPC ‘Investing in Opportunity’ Conference on 17th – 18th November 2014. Here, participants will have the opportunity to comment and shape the final document, before the final draft is complete.

The draft Roadmap is available now on the 4C website and feedback may be submitted by completing a brief set of online questions, or by emailing the 4C team.