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'Whistle for the start of the second half' by Katarina Haage

They say “Time flies when you’re having fun” and so does the lifetime of this project! 

 A few posts earlier solemnly proclaimed by our project coordinator Neil Grindley, the 4C project has already reached its half-time and is now looking forward (in both meanings) to another twelve months filled with milestones, deliverables, reports, expert interviews, meetings, focus groups, workshops, and yes, a 4C conference!

 The second period of the 4C project is literally packed with opportunities for us to meet the people who are in the same boat, approaching the - as it seems - Herculean task of determining costs or better cost units in the broad field of digital long-term preservation.

This year started with a workshop on DPHEP (Digital Preservation in High Energy Physics) at CERN in Geneva - it seems curation costs aren’t just sucked in to a black hole and disappear forever. Nope, they rather seem to pop up again and again.

Very soon a small group of our team will set out and travel to the “land of opportunity” to have a full day workshop at the IDCC 2014 conference with people interested in the curation costs topic and a potpourri of things also related to the costs of digital curation we are working on (and dealing with) in the project. Let’s see what the land of opportunity has in store for the 4C project; I am sure a good deal of new impressions and food for thought to continue making this project a successful endeavor.

With the workshop at IDCC 2014 close and participation in some interest and working groups at the Third RDA Plenary Meeting in March in Dublin, the project again is already right in the middle of our engagement activities. More opportunities to catch us and discuss curation costs will be:

  • SCAPE and OPF Seminar, The Hague, Netherlands, 2nd April 2014
  • Open Repositories 2014, Helsinki, Finland, 9-13th June 2014
  • LIBER Conference 2014, Riga, Latvia, 2-5th July 2014
  • JCDL/TPDL, London, UK, 8-12th September 2014
  • RDA at DANS, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 22-24th September 2014
  • DLM - Data Lifecycle Management, Lisbon, Portugal, November 2014

Just to name a few…

As a co-ordinated support action and an ‘open and social’ project, the purpose of these events is not to broadcast information about 4C while you sit enthralled however, but rather an opportunity for us to gain valuable input from the digital preservation community, making sure what we deliver is worth using. So, along our roadtrip of workshops and focus groups, we will be hoovering up your inputs, suggestions and information as we go.

And of course, all this activity culminates in the 4C Conference towards the end of the year. The conference will showcase and communicate our project findings with a chance for participants to test out some of the resources the project will develop, as well as providing an opportunity to comment on our results and the question of ‘what’s next?’ Stay tuned for more information on this!

We look forward to seeing you at one or two of the events we are contributing and participating with the Collaboration to Clarify the Costs of Curation, and of course we’ll see you all at our final 4C Project Conference.

Katarina Haage, German National Library

Katarina co-leads the 4C Project work package “Engagement” to provide channels and virtual and physical forums for interaction between the project team and a wide range of stakeholders, to systematically survey and assess all relevant work in the area of digital curation costs, and to package and disseminate the outputs of the project.

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