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4C Partners

Deutsche National Bibliothek
Keep Solutions
National Library Estonia
The Royal Library
Statens Arkiver
UK Data Archive
University of Glasgow

There's room for everyone @4C

4C wants to be outward-looking and engage a wide range of people.

To help us, and to help those that want to understand the project before they get involved, we've written a Briefing Note that explains what we're up to and what we want to achieve.  Although most of this material is on the website already, the briefing gives you a bit more detail, and it's designed to be printed out or read on your e-book reader.

We're also just about to issue a press release which describes the project in less detail but which we hope will catch the eye of those we want to target and work is already underway on our stakeholder analysis.  If you want to join us, then please do comment below and we'll follow up.