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'Nothing is Static' by Katarina Haage

Katarina Haage-smallLife is affected by transformation. One could believe life even draws its strength and energy out of the things that it is leaving behind or looking forward to. Life is an always repeating circuit in the rhythm of progress, as well reviewing and recapitulating. Deductively one can transfer this to every part in life.

And so it is in our field, that of digital curation, and, to be more precise, especially the costs of digital curation. Every concept, every model leads us one step further. To make moves forward it is necessary to build consortia that work together, not against each other.

The 4C project is taking a step in the right direction, further towards the goal. With our joint work we advance the field of the curation costs in a way to make it more transparent and accessible for those who already work with it too, and for those who will work with it in future. One change means another change. Nothing is static.

As the newest project member and co-leader of work package 2 “Engagement” and during my short presence in the 4C project (I started in May 2013) I have already realized how fruitful the work with many partners can be. There is strength in numbers.

It is to create from experience and practice of many to generate new things. This is one of the main intentions of 4C – use the existing to establish the new. We already laid the foundation by bringing this project into being. The next step happens with you: people, institutions, organisations that realise the importance of digital curation and face it.

In the process – the first workshop in September 2013

To assimilate the work of 4C to the requirements and needs of those who spark interest in the topic we provide events in order to initiate the thematic exchange and create a stage, physically or virtually, where this exchange can happen. The first event in form of a workshop will take place within the scope of this year’s iPres conference in Lisbon, Portugal. It is themed under the question “What does it cost? - EU Activities to Assess the Cost of Digital Curation“.

Being a part of the 4C network will allow the participants to exchange their requirements, understand their own organisation's curation costs and find the best cost-effective solutions to achieve their digital curation goals.

On September 6th 2013 from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. the 4C project will host the workshop with the following intended content:

Presentation of APARSEN results (that include an overview over the most relevant existing cost models) as the most recent state of the art analysis outside the 4C project; a short overview of the Knowledge Exchange Price of Keeping Data and Cost Models for Keeping Knowledge workshops; the outcomes from the recent DCC Research Data Management Forum  on funding Research Data Management; and a summary of the Economic Sustainability Reference Model work

Introduction of 4C approach and goals, stakeholders and priorities

Presentation of initial results from 4C’s work on assessing current cost models and tools and identifying how they might be enhanced to improve uptake amongst a range of stakeholder communities

Open discussion session to gather feedback from workshop participants to identify areas of synergy and potential collaboration between ongoing initiatives and 4C activities.

A key point for the open discussion session will be to identify difficulties that ongoing costs-related initiatives have had in collecting cost information and encouraging use of their models. During the session we will invite input from these initiatives into how 4C might help to overcome these difficulties to realise increased uptake of the models and ultimately an improved understanding of curation costs.

I would like to invite you in the name of the whole 4C project team to join us at our first workshop in Lisbon and become a part of the 4C network!

Please register here:

We are looking forward to welcome you to our 4C workshop in Lisbon!

Katarina Haage, German National Library

Katarina co-leads the 4C Project work package “Engagement” to provide channels and virtual and physical forums for interaction between the project team and a wide range of stakeholders, to systematically survey and assess all relevant work in the area of digital curation costs, and to package and disseminate the outputs of the project.