D5.2—Roadmap report

"a community validated analysis and recommendations for future action and investment strategies for the promotion of affordable digital curation solutions and services"

Executive Summary

The original proposal for the 4C project placed great deal of emphasis on the roadmap being a key output for the project. As a consequence of this, substantial effort was dedicated to the development of the roadmap and the early buy-in for its content, aims and objectives (a task described as “crucial” in the DoW).

The project has from day one been guided by the principle of being “open and social”. In essence this means we publish our outputs early in draft form with a view to gathering input from the community and letting the community guide the agenda. The roadmap development process adhered to that principle and, after a period of internal brainstorming and external consultation, the draft roadmap was released to the community in August 2014.

Very early on in the process the project as a whole developed a series of governing principles that shaped the roadmap authoring process and the final output. These were:

  • to produce an accessible document
  • to produce a meaningful document
  • to produce a SMART document
  • to produce a validated document

Following these principles resulted in the development of a short (26 page) roadmap document with a vision and six key messages, each with a brief narrative, a description of the associated benefits, and an action table with actions for each of the seven key stakeholder groups previously identified in other project outputs.

The community were both invited to respond using on-line tools and actively pursued through a series of group and individual dissemination and engagement activities.

The community were on the whole very supportive of the draft albeit concerned about the future of the roadmap. A synthesis of their responses was used to generate a short list of changes to the original draft focusing upon:

  • Solution provider time scales
  • Solution provider support and involvement
  • Actions for data producers
  • The rationale behind the roadmap format
  • Further signposting to 4C resources

The final version of the roadmap was released in February 2015. Its uptake and the progress by the community towards achieving the vison outlined in it will be monitored by members of the post project consortium.

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