D2.5—Project Communication Plan

“A holistic strategy for effectively communicating the project objectives.”

Executive Summary

There is a sizeable canon of research into cost modelling for digital curation but the research is in many ways preliminary and there has been little uptake of the tools and methods that have been developed. The main objective of the 4C project is to ensure that, where existing work is relevant and provides a useful, useable resource, stakeholders realise and understand how to employ those resources.  An additional aim of the work is to examine more closely how they might be made more fit-for-purpose, relevant and useable by a wide range of organizations operating at different scales in both the public and the private sector

This Project Communications Plan sets out the strategy and communications activities designed to achieve this objective for the 4C Project. Derived directly from the aims outlined in the Description of Works (DoW), the plan and the activities outlined herein, aim to:

  • engage with identified stakeholders to gain their commitment to working collaboratively on the 4C project;
  • inform stakeholders of the benefits which may be derived from collaborating on the 4C project;
  • inform the identified stakeholders of existing work which has been undertaken in the field of cost modelling for digital curation, and how they may use these resources for their own purposes;
  • provide a strategic framework for two way communications between the project and its stakeholders throughout the lifetime of the project;
  • encourage debate and comment between all stakeholders, supporting development and updates within the field of curation costs;
  • facilitate the development and production of the roadmap as well as all other deliverables for the project.

Underpinning the communications plan is the expectation that communication is ‘everyone’s responsibility’.

This document outlines the key messages which are to be considered in all communications issued by all partners, and provides an analysis of the stakeholders to whom these messages are directed and the channels identified for their delivery; specifically for:

  • Internal Communications,
  • External Communications, including communication with other EC-funded projects, and
  • Communications with the EC.

The project will run for 24 months from 1 February 2013, and communications activities are planned throughout this period.

The implementation of this plan will optimise stakeholder engagement and to maximise the inputs to the project. Successful implementation will see a building of stakeholder trust in the project, and a reassurance of the potential benefits 4C can deliver.

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