D2.4 - Final Report on Outreach Events

"a report assessing the impact, significance and the success of the project dissemination activities"

Executive Summary

The 4C project has taken a focussed approach to liaison with its stakeholders through outreach to the established digital preservation community. To foster a better understanding of curation costs amongst the community, the 4C project raised awareness of the issue within the community as a whole as well as in the different stakeholder and target groups. A number of events were organised and undertaken—namely three workshops and the final project conference—to present the outputs and results to the designated community. These events also allowed us to interact with the stakeholders; to understand their requirements and to get their feedback. These inputs were incorporated in the subsequent project work.

All events were well promoted in a timely fashion, successfully organised and all generated significant interest amongst the whole digital curation community. Each workshop was connected as satellite event to a national or international event or conference to guarantee as great and diverse reach as possible. The envisioned educational aspect was included in and fulfilled in all outreach events that were undertaken.

During the well attended outreach events useful insight was gained regarding the many initiatives and projects in this field.

The events successfully showcased the project outputs and provided direct inputs to further iterations of those deliverables. The fruitful, varied and lively discussions were of direct benefit to the attendees and feedback received was of high value. The project was impressed by the engagement of the community as a whole and worked to ensure the results of the outreach events were available for those who had been unable to attend. The comments received during and after each event were decidedly positive and encouraging from both the attendees and those work packages relying on the WP2 events for information and validation of results.

Finally, we have striven to fulfil our intention of being an open and social project—publishing our results in draft form and soliciting feedback at all stages of the thought process—in order to generate a ‘buzz’ about digital curation costs and to create a demand for our deliverables before they were completed. The enthusiastic engagement we have experienced lead us to believe that we have been successful in this endeavour.

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