4C Project Glossary

This glossary is intended to define a number of key terms applicable to the 4C project. Please leave your comments on these definitions and let us know if they differ from your interpretation. We'd also like to know of any other terms you would like defining and adding to the glossary.

Cost Model

A representation that describe how resources (i.e. labour and capital) required to accomplish digital curation activities relate to costs. May include a set of mathematical equations that converts resource data into cost data.

Curation Cost Exchange (CCEx)

The CCEx is intended to be an online, virtual community platform for the exchange of curation cost information. The CCEx will be used to gather cost information from partner organisations and stakeholders, submitted to the exchange using a Submission Form/Template. The form will aim to capture calculation processes, metrics, effort statistics, value calculations, from stakeholders in order to underpin future activity with empirical knowledge.

Digital Curation

Digital curation involves pre-ingest (appraisal, selection, preparation, rights), ingest, data management, (archival) storage, preservation planning, access, common services, repository administration and general management.

Economic Model (for digital curation)

A representation that describes how economic processes around digital curation work; including the flow of resources (costs and revenues) within the economic lifecycle of digital information assets, and stakeholders (from the demand, supply and management side) interaction with this lifecycle.

Indirect Economic Determinant (within digital curation)

Values/benefits of digital curation