iPRES Workshop

4C workshop: "What does it cost? – EU to Assess the Cost of Digital Curation"

Date: Friday, 6th September 2013, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Location: IST – Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon, Portugal

Digital preservation and curation activities tend to be costly and complex and require a long term commitment. Without reliable cost information and accurate cost models, it is hard to plan and calculate such activities seriously.

The new EU project 4C – ‘A Collaboration to Clarify the Costs of Curation’ – will work closely with existing projects and initiatives and will ensure that where existing work is relevant, stakeholders are aware of tools and models and understand how to employ them. A key aim for this workshop is to build bridges between on-going costs-related initiatives to enable 4C to identify areas where good progress has been made and also to understand how current cost models might be augmented to improve ease of use and increase uptake. Ultimately, 4C will help organizations to approach their investment in data curation and preservation with greater certainty and with greater clarity about what they will get back in return. The project partners will use the workshop as an opportunity to set the scene for their topic, present their approach (“engage, assess, enhance”) and invite feedback from the workshop participants.

Download agendas for the 4C Workshop and 4C Focus Group from Friday 6 September, at iPRES 2013.

Workshop agenda and slides:

09:00-09:05        Welcome - Katarina Haage, DNB

09:05-09:20        4C Workshop - Introduction (iPRES 2013) - Neil Grindley, Jisc

09:20-09:50        Presentation of APARSEN results on analysis and testing of cost models -
                         Kirnn Kaur, British Library

09:50-10:20        4C Workshop - Web Consultation Results (iPRES 2013) - Ulla Bogvad Kejser,  
                         KBDK /Alex Thirifays, DNA

10:20-10:45        Q & A and Thoughts on the Curation Costs Exchange

10:45-11:15        Coffee Break

11:15-11:30        4C Workshop - KE Funding Presentation (iPRES 2013) 
                         - Angela Holzer, DFG

11:30-11:45        Outcomes from the recent DCC Research Data Management Forum - Kevin Ashley,

11:45-12:00        4C Workshop - ESRM Presentation (iPRES 2013) - Neil Grindley, Jisc

12:00-12:15        Short presentation of CERN cost data - Jamie Shiers, CERN

12:15-12:50        Open discussion - William Kilbride, DPC

12:50-13:00        Wrap up  

Being a part of the 4C network will allow the participants to exchange their requirements, understand their own organisation’s curation costs and find the best cost-effective solutions to achieve their digital curation goals.


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