Focus Group # 5 - Research Data Management

London, UK: 3rd November 2014

The main objectives of this focus group were to:

  • find out what users think of the CCEx
  • identify what users want / expect from the tool
  • find out recomendations for improvement
  • discover any concerns about sharing cost data and what could be done to mitigate these concerns

Questions included:

  • Do you find the CCEx intuitive and easy to use?
  • Which features do you like least/best?
  • What are the barriers to using it?
  • Are there any redundant features?
  • Is the language understandable or is there too much jargon?
  • Would your organisation submit cost data? And who, within your organisation, would be responsible for submitting data?
  • What kind of support are you currently using for costing digital curation?

Schedule for the day:


Curation Costs Exchange:

4C Project Roadmap:

Read the focus group report (493.64 kB)