Community Resources

There is a sizeable canon of research into cost modelling for digital curation. This research has tended to
emphasize the cost and complexity of digital curation and preservation, but the research is in many ways
preliminary and there has been little uptake of the tools and methods that have been developed—for
example, tools to manage and estimate costs have not been integrated into other digital curation processes
or tools. The question is why? That’s where the 4C project comes in.

The 4C project's mission is to provide useful, useable resources which support the process of cost management in digital curation. Major outputs from the project will include:

  • An analysis of state of the art in cost modelling and an analysis of needs;
  • An online Curation Costs Exchange (CCEx) tool;
  • A Roadmap of analysis and recommendations for future action and investment strategies for the promotion of affordable digital curation solutions and services;
  • A major international conference;
  • Two workshops to disseminate findings from the project;
  • Four invitation focus groups to validate and review outputs.

As an 'open and social' project, and rather than waiting for perfect and polished results, the 4C project will be blogging and sharing findings as we go. We hope that this will encourage debate and increase the likelihood that our findings and guidance are useful.